Confession…I committed blogicide!

I killed my old blog and started again from (almost) scratch…

I think WordPress is an amazing product. From a technical point of view, it’s brilliant the way there is a basic framework but done in such a way that it seems to be endlessly expandable. From my programmer background, I think it’s a brilliant design. My thanks to everyone who has worked on it…thank you thank you thank you.

It allows a non-technical person to have a blog with great features without having to know any programming. There are so many plugins available to perform almost any thing you want to do and there is a vast array of themes to fit almost any desired look and feel.

So why did I start over? Primarily, it was a lack of focus on my part. I was a victim of the dreaded SOS, Shiny Object Syndrome. My interests are many and varied and I tried to fit all of it into my blog, both things that I could use right away, but also other neat features that I thought I should use and would someday. As a result, I wound up with a blog that was always getting ready and never really starting. Yes, I had some posts (and some nice ones, too), but it never jelled into something that was useful to anyone else. It was mostly a design with intent but never a real vehicle for anything.

Because I was building a Swiss Army Knife Platform, it was also getting bloated making it slower and difficult to make everything play well with everything else. I had tons of plugins with all sorts of feature that I’d seen on other sites that I thought were impressive and ‘professional’.

Going on my programming experience where the second design is vastly better than the first, I decided that rather than trying to clean up what I had and fix it, starting over would be faster and result in a much better final product.

Yes, it still needs a few tweaks, but I’m following a piece of great advice that I first heard from Mike Littman: Get it going now, get it right later.

I’m looking forward to a new start, with tighter focus and more value.