Editing/Recording Audio


This is a free, open source, (relatively) easy to use multi-track audio recording and editing program.


Website Creation


This is the free blogging platform that is the basis for a huge number of websites, including this one. While it very capable out of the box, there are also tons of extension available to do pretty much anything you'd want on your site



This isn't free but it is a great tool for quickly creating really good looking pages inside of WordPress


Web Hosting

D9 Hosting

D9 Hosting isn't huge like some of the other hosting companies but they're big enough to offer you the support you need. In addition, they were started by marketers for marketers. They know he challenges that we all run into because 'this is us'

Image Editing


Photoshop is great but costly. GIMP is a free, open source, image editor. It can edit many image formats and supports layers and .psd files



Windows doesn't show thumbnail images for .psd file so when you see them in a directory you can't tell what the file looks like. This fixes that. After this is installed, the file placeholders are replaced with a real thumbnail of the file


List Building


This is one of the premier autoresponders with a great delivery rate

Video Editing


This is a free tool for converting videos. If you have a video in the 'wrong' format, or need to change the size or resolution, this is the tool that can fix that.