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I don?t know what day you?re reading this…but even though I don’t know when you’re reading this I do know that someone, somewhere just launched a new product or course that could help you build a successful, even life changing, business.

But how do I know this even if I don’t know who launched?

Simple, because every single day of every week/month/year, someone does exactly that.

And here?s the best part ? many, probably most, of these products work.

Providing, that is, that you do the work. And keep doing it. And don’t stop until you’re successful.

Building an online business requires WORK

There’s no magic button that will make you?a million overnight. If someone tries to sell you that, don’t buy that one!

If there was such a thing, no one would wait tables or work dead end jobs. If there was something like that EVERYONE would be rich.

But if you pick a decent business model and plan, and you’re willing to invest some time and money into it, and stick to it, then you have a very good chance of building a real business in four to six months that can earn you $5,000 per month, and perhaps much more.

The?sad reality though is that most people won’t actually do it.

Being successful takes WORK, that four letter word that separates the dream from the realization of the dream.

Work isn’t sexy, or fun. Buying the next Shiny Object is fun…and so much easier than putting in the hours and grinding it out.

Before you leave because I mentioned WORK and INVEST, think about this…

What job can you find that doesn’t take any formal education, pays $5,000 per month after a few months, and has monthly raises after that? A job that you can do almost anywhere you want, and when you decide to do it?

There isn’t one.

Imagine applying for a job and the interviewer says “You’ll get on the job training, you’ll be making $5,000 a month by your sixth month, each month you want a raise you can have. There isn’t any limit to how much you can earn. You can work where and when you want, as little or as much time as you want, and if there is any part of the job you don’t like, you can get someone else to do it.”

That’s exactly what you can have, if you want it bad enough.

So what?s the BIG online?marketing secret I mentioned?

If you haven?t already guessed it, keep reading…If you have guessed, are you doing it yet? If not, why not?????

I’ll tell you the secret, but you probably already know it, you’ve heard it before.

You might have heard it 100 times or more.

But what really counts is the ONE time you hear it and then start to actually DO it and not just plan to do it.

That is when your life can change.

Here it is…You need a list.

I told you that you’ve heard it before.

You can hear it again now…

You need a list.

You need a list.


Sorry about shouting, but it’s important. How many times have you heard that? But the big question is, Do you have a list?

You don’t need every new program and product that comes along, you need to get busy and build a quality list and you need to build it as soon as you possibly can. Yes, you do need some tools to help make things easier or quicker, but you need to be selective and only get the ones you will really help, the ones that you will use.

Having a list means you have a ready ready market for any products you want to develop and create.

It allows you to sell affiliate products whenever you want (just make sure they’re useful for the people on your list).

It allows you to make money on demand.

Did an unexpected bill (or expected, for that matter) just arrive? Did you just see something you have to have?

If you have a list that trusts you, send an email and get the money to pay for it.

A properly built and handled list of 10,000 people can give you an income of $5,000 a month if you promote the right affiliate offers.

That’s not even include promoting your own products and services.

If you have a list of 10,000, you also have leverage.?You can get?other marketers to promote your products to their lists in exchange?for promoting their products to your list. You win, the other marketer wins, and the people on BOTH lists win by getting an opportunity to get a product or service they can use that they might otherwise have missed.

You really can build your list from zero to 10,000 in a few months, especially if you?re willing to invest some money in your list building efforts.

HOW? List Building 101

First, choose your niche. Health, finance, business, relationships, self-improvement (that’s my favorite)?

Choose something you enjoy, but one that is filled with people who have money and are willing spend it.?The hungrier the?market, the better.

Next, either create a lead magnet or have one created. The offer should be so enticing that visitors can?t help but opt-in to get it. For your prospect, opting in should be a “no-brainer”.

After that, put an upsell after the squeeze page to earn some up-front money when they opt-in.

Buy some Facebook ads and run solo ads to send traffic to your squeeze page. Spend a little bit here and there for testing at first until you get your squeeze page and upsell page optimized for best results. Do split tests to see how you can improve your numbers.

Then buy more traffic. Use the profits from the upsell and?buy MORE traffic.

Yes, you will be spending money (this is part of that investing I mentioned earlier).

But do it right and you will also be making money.

Worst case scenario, you spend $5,000 to build your list of 10,000 people.

Best case scenario, you make $5,000 or more on your upsell and use that to?pay for your list building.

Yes, it?s a leap of faith to do this, which is why most won’t. But that’s good for us. Because most people never will, that leaves plenty of room for YOU to do it.

If you don?t have any money to invest in traffic, then you?ll have to use ?free? methods. They’re not really free because instead of investing money you have to invest time.

But again, totally worth it.

Mail your list consistently as it grows. Once you have your first subscriber, start mailing 4-7 times per week.

This is where you?re going to put your real effort ? you need to write emails that people WANT to open and read.

You can?t force people to read your emails, you need to?entice them.

Whatever it is that your particular list wants, give it to them.

If you don?t know what they want then hang out where they hang out. Talk to them, ask them what they want and need. What one thing would make a big difference for them?

?But doing all of that sounds like a lot of work!?

It is…But guess what? If you want to build a business, it?s going to take work. It?s going to take going through effort, trying some stuff and finding that it doesn?t work, trying other stuff until you get results, and using?some stuff that costs you money to build your business.

But once built, you have a continuous fountain of money.

You keep building the list, you keep emailing the list and you keep promoting to the list.

Build, email and promote.

Imagine the lifestyle you could have where you can be anyplace in the WORLD, send an email and get money in your account that same day.

Five sales, fifty?sales, 500 sales…all from sending one email.

But to get to that point, you?ve got to invest the time, energy, money and do the work first.

No matter?how many programs you buy, sooner or later you will finally realize that no matter what else you might be doing, you should have a list.

A list is security…

It?s money in the bank…

When The Rainy Day Cometh

Three stacks of dollar billsThink about this:

A year from now something happens and you need serious money FAST.

Maybe you found your dream house, but the sellers need to close fast and you?re short $20,000 for the down payment.

Maybe someone needs an operation and insurance won?t cover $20,000 of it, and they won?t do the operation until they?get the money.

Whatever it is, you need a substantial amount of cash in your hands FAST.

But you can fix that. Your list was 10,000, now it’s over 30,000. You send an email and the next day you get $5,000 deposited in your account.

You do that a few more times and you get the $20,000 you need and save the day.

But why can you do that? You can do that because you started building a list a year ago!

You got up, you took action, you kept at it, and you built your list.

That is real security.

That is real power.

That is FREEDOM!

Take?Action, Start Your List Building Today

It starts with you, right here, right now, when you start creating your funnel and building your list.

If this is the only piece of online marketing advice you ever take, you will succeed and succeed big.

Build. A. List.

Starting now.




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