I continue to be impressed by John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success program. I just completed Phase 1 which is setting up the fundamentals needed for the rest of the program.

Parts of it I could skip because I already had a blog set up, but if I hadn’t, it gave detailed step-by-step instructions designed for someone starting with nothing. All through the process, it’s just small, easy to follow instructions.

Though I already had a blog set up, what I have now is better and more complete. It’s really nice to have a plan that you know works rather than guessing what I should and should not do.

In the past, doing things took much longer simply because I didn’t know for sure, and trying to figure out the best way is confusing since everyone has different opinions. I decided to just follow John’s plan even if I think I have a ‘better’ way. He’s done it, he’s proved it works, and I’m listening to him!

There is a Facebook group as part of the program and the members of that group are very helpful and supportive. Got a question? Ask the group. If that doesn’t help, open a ticket at the support desk and get an answer, sometimes from John himself!

The next phase is an exciting one for me…we’re starting the product creation part!

Yes, this is going to be a fair bit of effort, but I really like the idea of creating a quality product that will be useful to people. When it’s done, it’s going to be a great feeling! A sense of real accomplishment…

I’m going through the research for determining what to create. I already have several ideas but just because I like it doesn’t mean there are enough other people who want to learn it.

After picking the first topic, it’ll be time to do the research on the topic itself to add to my own knowledge and make a fuller, higher quality resource that will really have a positive impact for those who use it.

(If product creation is an interest of yours, check out John’s free webinar Product Creation Workshop. The last time I saw it, there is even a very nice (useful, valuable) gift at the end)

I have to keep reminding myself about something. In my mind, I still think about ‘writing’ this but I’d be really surprised if it’s just a book. I’m sure there will be one, but since we have so much technology available, it might include

  • Book
  • Videos
  • Quick reference sheets
  • Mind maps
  • Q & A webinar
  • Services
  • Software

I curious myself to see what it’ll turn into 🙂

I’ll keep everyone posted as things develop!

Until next time,



What problems or issues do you have that you’d like information about? What product would improve your life if it was available? Add a comment and let me know…






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