Found this, Love it.

It’s so true and so to the point… 5 minutes and 36 seconds of motivation

[video_player type=”youtube” style=”1″ dimensions=”560×315″ width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”left” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ ipad_color=”black”]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9IMDJucFkyUmxvMA==[/video_player]


    2 replies to "Refuse To Be Defeated"

    • Erica

      Hi Don.
      I’m so glad you are sharing your life coach skills!
      Will you be doing podcasts?
      Congratulations and Best of Luck!

      • Don

        Thanks for the nice comment, Erica.

        Podcasts, maybe. Need to conquer YouTube first!


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