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I like this discussion between Seth Godin and Gerhardt Gschwandtner where they talk about the shift where the means of production has moved from big companies to smaller businesses including one-person businesses.

A laptop connected to the internet is a main tool of business at every level and gives someone the ability to say “I will be the person who figures out how to bring value from one place to another”.

He also talks about how success today is dependent on relationships and the willingness to bring value and help others.


Video is hot, here’s how to get started

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Seems like everywhere you go, there are videos. Videos on blog posts, seminars, entire sites dedicated to nothing but videos.


Today people walk around with cameras in their cell phones that are more capable then professional equipment was maybe as recent as ten years ago. People can shoot what they see on a trip to the park and upload it to the internet within minutes, while still in the park.


All this is making videos pervasive, common…and expected.


For any serious online marketing effort, videos is pretty much required if you want to be taken seriously.


If you’re doing any training, videos can show things that might take pages to explain. And without video, you’d probably need many illustrations and, to my thinking anyway, videos are a lot easier and cheaper than having illustrations made.


While there a a lot of tools available to help, one of the problems is there are an awful lot of tools and a lot of awful tools. Where do you start? How do you know which tool to use?


I recently got rights to some training that might help. Check it out here,


Create Professional Looking Videos Fast


Currently, I’m working on my first video product though it didn’t start that way. It started as simple PDF, then I decided to use a presentation slide show, but I finally decided to just go for it and product a training video.


I don’t recommend doing it that way (know your destination before your begin) but it was a learning process and it’s not as formidable as I expected.

Dinosaur Models That Suck


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As I’m working my way through more features that I want to implement on this site I sometimes run into themes and plugins that don’t work the way I want them to. At times like that, I really really really want to just throw it away and write something that is exactly what I want.

The problem is, there is usually a learning curve that would take even longer!

When I reach that point, I remember something that Steven K. Scott said about another Steven, in this case Steven Spielberg. Paraphrasing, what he said was the Jurassic Park was a really good movie because Spielberg couldn’t make a decent dinosaur model. There were also a lot of other things that Spielberg couldn’t do.

Instead of working hard and toiling for many years to learn how to do everything he needed to do to make a movie (which would at best have been mediocre), Spielberg stayed with his strengths, storytelling and visualizing, and then he found the greatest masters of all the various skills that were needed and together, everyone working to their strengths, they created a landmark, memorable movie.

Twitter Plugins

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I went searching for some new twitter plugins to try. I found two that seem really promising. The first is Tweetable to tweet new posts, and the other one is Social Media Tabs which can display info from several different sources. I’ve got Twitter set up now and I’ll be adding Google+ and Pinterest soon.

After I’ve worked with them for a few days, I’ll update on what I’ve found.

Update 1: I had to delete the original post and do this again. The Tweetable plugin looks like it worked but I messed up the password for the URL shortner. Maybe I’ll get it right this time

New Year, New Blog

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Welcome to 2013! I hope it brings happiness and prosperity to everyone!
So why am I starting a blog from scratch? Several reasons…First 2012 was a very busy year and there weren’t many posts. It was kinda sad (and a little embarrassing). Two, my web host is replacing Fantastico with Scriptalicious and since I’m working on being more efficient and productive, I’ve been documenting the process of setting up a new blog. In the past week, I’ve probably installed and deleted WordPress 15 to 20 times as I developed the process. Now with just a very little bit of prep work, I can completely hand off the installation of a new site to someone else with a high chance that it will look like I want when it’s done.
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